Amazon has received permission from the US Federal Communications Commission to launch its satellites to provide broadband wireless internet. This is reported by the publication Space News.

The regulator has approved Amazon’s project to deploy 3236 satellites in low Earth orbit. The project was named Project Kuiper. According to the company’s plans, the satellites will be placed in three “layers” – at an altitude of 590, 610 and 630 km above the Earth.

The United Launch Alliance, which is responsible for the technical support of the project, said the first two prototypes of the Kuiper satellites could be launched in the coming months. This will happen when the company conducts the first launch of its Vulcan Centaur rocket. In addition, Amazon has contracted 92 space missions with ULA, Arianespace and Blue Origin to deploy Kuiper. The total cost of the project is billions of dollars.

It should be noted that Amazon It is also necessary to coordinate with the relevant relevant commissions the issue of orbital debris. Also, every six months, the company will provide the regulator with reports on what measures it takes to prevent satellites from colliding with other objects in space.

The “life cycle” of the equipment is 7 years of operation. Amazon should then carry out their safe disposal.

Recall that the US Federal Communications Commission has granted SpaceX permission to deploy 7500 second-generation Starlink satellites at an altitude of 525 km, 530 km and 535 km.