The too hasty announcement of the Bard neural network has drawn criticism from Google employees . The company’s management also receives nuts, according to CNBC.

The too short period during which the corporation deployed a new neural network led to the emergence of memes and crushing criticism on Google’s internal forum. The targets of the kpins were the head of the company, Sundar Pichai, the Bard neural network and a large-scale reduction.

According to many employees of the company, the decision to launch Bard was too hasty, and the neural network is not yet ready. The team is also dissatisfied with the wide wave of layoffs at the company. Oil to the fire was added by the scandal surrounding the false response of the Google Bard chatbot to the question posed to it. As a result of the incident, the company’s shares fell, and the capitalization declined significantly.

To recap, three tech giants, Google, Samsung and Qualcomm, have teamed up to create a mixed reality platform. Information about this was announced at the presentation of Galaxy Unpacked.