A Chinese engineer created an iPhone that has two charging ports at once. We are talking about the proprietary Lightning port and USB-C, installed on smartphones under the Android OS, according to 9to5Mac.

In the demonstration video, the inventor-enthusiast demonstrated where he located the second portal on his smartphone. The USB-C connector is located to the right of the proprietary Lightning. Both portals are functioning. With their help, it is possible to charge the gadget and transfer data.

Users of the Reddit forum liked the idea with two portals on the iPhone. Some of them even noted that the two-port design opens up the ability to simultaneously charge the device and use headphones, as it was in 2016.

Recall that the standard headphone jack disappeared with the release of the iPhone 7 model. This came as a shock to users with wired headphones.

Earlier, a YouTube user under the nickname Danny Spencer posted an interesting video. He demonstrated a calculator that he himself created based on the iconic retro game, the Doom shooter.