Google has announced its intention to strengthen the fight against the spread of disinformation about Ukrainian refugees in Germany.

It is reported by Tagesschau.

To this end, the “daughter” of Google Jigsaw has intensified the educational campaign in the German-speaking segment of the Internet. Before that, they tried to clear the Internet spaces of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia from fakes about Ukrainians.

The company’s goal is to open people’s eyes to the nature of manipulative content. Emphasis is placed on how emotional influence is used to manipulate people’s minds. Users are taught to distinguish information “allegations” when groundless claims are made against Ukrainian refugees.

In particular, one of the educational videos from Google analyzes the fake news about the alleged aggression of Ukrainian refugees against German women. This “throw-in” is actively spread by Russian propaganda.

The campaign aims to repel such intimidation from the aggressor country.

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