Chinese tech giant Baidu has announced that it has completed testing its own ai-powered chatbot. It was named Ernie Bot and is an analogue of ChatGPT. The announcement of the novelty is promised in March, according to Reuters.

Baidu language model began to develop back in 2019. The novelty is able to understand the language, as well as generate texts and images at the request of the user.

The agency recalls that Baidu has spent billions of dollars on artificial intelligence research in recent years. Now you can finally wait first for the release of a separate application and then the addition of Ernie Bot to your search engine.

Baidu has already stated that Ernie is ahead of ChatGPT, which only works with text. Currently, in the PRC, the popular chatbot from OpenAI is not available at all.

To recap, Microsoft is preparing to integrate its new artificial intelligence Prometheus, an analogue of ChatGPT, into its main programs: Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Earlier, we reported that Microsoft announced that it would make a multibillion-dollar investment in OpenAI. The latter is the developer of artificial intelligence ChatGPT.