The Microsoft Bing chatbot denied the user’s request to write a cover letter to send a resume for the vacancy. The chatbot said the service would be “unethical” and “unfair to other applicants.” This was reported by Business Insider.

Representatives of the publication sent Bing a request to write a cover letter for the applicant for the vacancy of a social media manager at the agency’s bureau in Singapore. But the system refused to comply with the request. Instead, she provided links to resources with information on how best to write such text. The chatbot also announced standard recommendations for a thorough study of the requirements of the future employer.

Interestingly, on a similar request, the ChatGPT neural network wrote the necessary letter, which, according to Eychars, turned out to be quite convincing.

Recall that scientists with the help of a neural network investigated 1300 manuscripts of unknown authors stored in the National Library of Spain. Among them was the manuscript of the play “French Laura”, the author of which artificial intelligence recognized Lope de Vega.