A philosopher with a very controversial reputation, MIT linguistics professor Noam Chomsky suddenly harshly criticized artificial intelligence.

In his interview with the EduKitchen channel, Chomsky was very critical of the recently popular ChatGPT. According to him, this model of artificial intelligence is a “killer” of essays, as a format for testing students’ knowledge and skills.

Chomsky was frightened by the fact that the chatbot is already actively used by students in the process of doing homework, including writing an essay. He noted that essays are a tool of research, a way to make students think. According to him, thanks to artificial intelligence, the tradition of writing essays is about to be completely destroyed.

Chatbot from OpenAl HOmski calls it nothing more than “high-tech plagiarism” and “a tool for not learning.” According to him, the chatbot had the same negative impact on the learning process as the appearance of smartphones.

Note that Chomsky is known for his controversial statements, many of which are not just outrageous in nature, but testify to his lack of professionalism. In particular, he actively promotes Russian narratives about the “threat from NATO”.

To recap, Bill Gates in an interview with the German publication Handelsblatt said that artificial intelligence will change our world for the better. The founder of Microsoft claims that the emergence of ChatGPT is the hottest topic this year.