A smart monocle with a video recording function is presented. It has its own camera and OLED display. The sale of start-monocle is still carried out through the Internet.

A device called Brilliant Monocle can be attached to glasses with a special clothespin. The gadget has a projection display with a resolution of 640×640 pixels and a viewing angle of 20 degrees. Its 720p camera allows you to take photos and videos.

Monocle stores files and displays them on the screen as augmented reality (AR). It also records ambient sounds and can provide the user with a weather forecast or time. Thanks to the general access to the source code, the device is easily configured for the user.

Brilliant Monocle is currently only available for purchase in the States for $349.

Recall that American researchers are working on the creation of the technology of “digital immortality.” To this end, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology analyzes social media posts of preselected test subjects. Scientists aim to teach artificial intelligence how to behave the way they do.