Until now , there has been no information about the massive cuts that have taken place in most of the world’s IT giants . However, the brand has not been able to avoid mass layoffs, but conducts them non-publicly. This was due to the fact that the company methodically gets rid of freelancers, according to Apple Insider.

The fact is that freelancers are not Apple employees. Working outside of Apple Park, they don’t have health insurance. Contracts with them are concluded for a year and a half. They are members of various teams of the company, acting as assistants for the implementation of projects.

According to the portal, Apple refuses to extend contracts with them, reducing the number of freelancers. According to preliminary information, thousands of freelancers could fall under the reduction.

We remind you that the leaders of the technology industry are forced to resort to massive cuts due to a large-scale recession and declining advertising revenues. As a reminder, Twitter has already lost nearly two-thirds of its employees.Amazon is cutting more than 18,000 employees. Google’s parent company, Alphabet Corporation, said it would eliminate about 12,000 jobs.