The chairman of the legal committee of the US House of Representatives has sent subpoenas for Apple CEO Tim Cook and several other executives of large corporations. It is reported by 9to5mac.

They are to testify in a case of collusion between the US federal government and the largest tech companies, which include Alphabet, Amazon, Meta and Microsoft.

It is noted that Congress is closely analyzing the possibility of the Biden administration’s cooperation with techno-giants on censorship, in order to restrict freedom of speech, in particular on the topic of COVID-19. Republican party officials who do not support President Biden say he has promoted censorship and restrictions on free speech, and tech giants are using content moderation tools to impose a ban on the dissemination of conservative views on their platforms.

The subpoenas also state that CEOs must provide all requested documents and notices by March 23, 2023.

This requirement is the result of repeated attempts to contact these companies, which began late last year. But, the publication notes, the companies did not respond to requests properly.

Journalists emphasize that it is not clear exactly how Apple is connected with this case, since it has neither its own social network nor a search engine. Most likely, the claims to it are related to the App Store.

It’s worth noting that Twitter CEO Elon Musk does not appear among those mentioned in these subpoenas.

Earlier, the Chairman of Apple told on Twitter exactly which sensors are used in iPhone cameras.