According to Reuters, Microsoft intends to integrate ads into its Bing AI-powered search engine.

According to the agency, Microsoft has already started discussions with leading advertising agencies about the possibility of introducing promotional materials into the new version of Bing. While discussing this topic with one of the largest advertising agencies, the company announced its plans to integrate advertising links into the responses generated by the neural network.

According to reports, Microsoft is currently testing ads in the Bing chatbot, which will appear not only in regular banners on the page, but also in search engine responses. For example, if a user asks Bing with a built-in chatbot about the best hotels in Mexico, Microsoft might recommend exactly the hotel that paid for the ads.

The publication notes that a Reuters journalist has already managed to identify the company’s “first swallow” in introducing advertising into a chatbot. He asked the Bing chatbot about the cost of car air filters. The results he obtained were taken from the Parts Geek site. The journalist believes that the search engine cited the results from Parts Geek as an advertisement.

As a reminder, political advertising is being returned to Twitter. The ban on it was introduced in 2019 and caused a violent reaction on social networks.