In the material on the Windows Latest website, it is noted that after Microsoft disabled some of the functions in the search engine with the Bing chatbot, its intelligence decreased.

Currently, the neural network refuses to create questionnaires for Google Forms, stating that this is beyond its capabilities. Interestingly, last day, the chatbot did it with pleasure. Bing also refuses to answer some questions and provide links to research.

After the restrictions are imposed, Bing, according to journalists, loses its individuality. Increasingly, instead of answering the questions posed to him, the chatbot offers to change the topic. If the user does not agree with the answer, the neural network refuses further dialogue. She motivates her actions by the fact that she continues to learn.

It seems that “the previously fantastic Bing Chat began to lose intelligence,” concludes Windows Latest journalists.

Recall that chatbots are sometimes able to confidently give out meaningless answers, warns Google Senior Vice President and Head of the Search Department Prabhakar Raghavan. It equates such AI actions with what is called “hallucinations“.