The gadget, which should determine fatigue by the voice of the owner, was presented by inventors from Northwestern University (Illinois, USA). Its design and principle of operation are presented on the MedicalXpress portal.

The device is a sticker mounted under the throat. Various sensors such as a microphone and sensors are built into it, which measure temperature, determine respiratory activity and monitor the heartbeat.

The gadget must respond to the sounds of the owner’s voice. Lowering the timbre, coughing, etc. give the device reason to conclude that its owner is tired. The device sends a message to the user’s smartphone about the need for rest.

The invention, according to scientists, will be useful to users whose professions are associated with the active use of voice. It will remind singers, artists, teachers and teachers that it’s time to relax.

Previously, designer Marcus Brin with the help of the Midjourney AI neural network and the Photoshop editor created the concepts of gadgets in the style of Antonio Gaudi.