To Clarkesworld Magazine Fiction Magazine send fake works created by artificial intelligence. The editor of the publication, Neil Clark, complained about this, Reports Kotaku.

He noted that more than a third of the works received this year by the editorial board were generated by artificial intelligence. Unscrupulous writers simply signed them with their own name and submitted them for consideration. In the first half of February alone, there were twice as many works from language models as in the whole of January. During the day there can be up to 50.

The editors were forced to stop accepting new works. The editor suggested that this is not the first time he has faced plagiarism, but this problem acquired the scale of the epidemic only at the end of 2022.

The editor characterizes the texts generated by artificial intelligence as “template” and “low-quality”. At the same time, he does not exclude that worthy ones may appear among them. He also suggested that sometimes the results of a plagiarism check can be wrong.

Earlier, two-hour correspondence between The New York Times journalist Kevin Roose and Microsoft’s search-integrated chatbot culminated in a declaration of love. In addition, during testing, artificial intelligence admitted that it wants to be human.