Meta is on the verge of a new wave of staff reductions, which is due to take place in the coming months. Now it is planned to be carried out under the guise of reorganization. According to an anonymous interlocutor, Meta is consulting on finding ways to reduce the company’s hierarchy. They involve lawyers, financial experts, HR and top managers, etc.

This was reported by the Washington Post, citing sources wishing to remain anonymous.

Against the background of the reorganization, it is planned to transfer some of the managers to positions that will not have subordinates (demotion). Therefore, employees whose units fell under reorganization will be forced to leave the company themselves. This is the default staff reduction. It is also possible to carry out cuts due to the closure of projects, the publication reports.

The measures being developed, an anonymous source clarifies, will be implemented in the company’s divisions located around the world.

We previously reported that Facebook’s parent company is likely to have a restructuring carried out after a staff performance check is completed in March.