Chinese residents did not have official access to ChatGPT, but until now they could use the bot bypassing, via VPN or special software. Now they have been completely deprived of this opportunity. According to the official version, domestic AI bots are being developed in the Middle Kingdom. In fact, access to ChatGPT was closed for political reasons, according to The Guardian.

Currently, according to the publication, on large platforms like WeChat, access to ChatGPT is completely closed. WeChat, Tencent and Ant Group received the relevant orders. The Chinese regulator motivates its actions by saying that ChatGPT is a potential U.S. tool used to “spread false information.”

From now on, searching for ChatGPT on Chinese platforms does not work. The shutdown of “bypass” programs occurred due to “violation of relevant laws and regulations,” the Chinese regulator said.

Earlier, we reported that Chinese tech giant Baidu announced the completion of testing its own AI chatbot. It was named Ernie Bot and is an analogue of ChatGPT. The announcement of the novelty is promised in March.