Scientists from the UK and Japan predict that more than a third of the time spent on housework will be freed up in 10 years of work. We are talking about 39% of household chores, including caring for loved ones.

The forecast was obtained in a study published by the PLUS ONE agency.

The study involved 29 British and 36 Japanese artificial intelligence experts. When asked by researchers about the participation of robots in everyday life, male experts from Britain provided a more optimistic forecast than their female counterparts. Interestingly, Japanese experts on the automation of domestic labor voiced the opposite opinion.

According to experts, robotization will affect the care of children and the elderly the least (29%). At the same time, the time spent on purchasing products thanks to technology will be reduced by more than half (60%).

According to Katherine Hertog, associate professor of artificial intelligence and society at the University of Oxford, automation can lead to greater gender equality. The use of robots in everyday life will reduce the time we spend on household chores and open up new opportunities for women in their professional activities.

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