Tecno has demonstrated the concept of a device that supports Chameleon Coloring Technology. The event took place as part of the international exhibition of mobile technologies MWC 2023, according to the GSM Arena portal.

According to the developer, Chameleon technology should change the color of the back surface of the smartphone with a single touch. In the description of the technology, it is noted that the presented material does not emit light, but, on the contrary, reflects it from its surface.

It is a grid with a large number of small prisms. They change direction under the action of an electric field, causing the illusion that the color changes. The movement of prisms is led by a special program of 1.6 thousand rubles. Colors. It takes only 0.03 seconds to change the color. The potential of the material is enough for 2 million color changes.

When the smartphone chameleon will appear on the world market, it is not yet known for certain.

Recall that the German startup Volla presented the smartphone Phone X23. Its main “feature” is secure software, the ability to use several operating systems, as well as the lack of traditional Google services.