Xiaomi presented augmented reality glasses. The company’s CEO, Lei Jun, said on his Twitter that a gadget called the Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition is “the latest breakthrough in augmented reality technology.”

Lei Jun clarified that a fast wireless connection, a display reminiscent of the retina, and gesture control are bringing the era of wireless augmented reality closer.

With a smartphone, the gadget is combined using NFC technology, as a result of which an image is displayed on the screen. This headset allows you to use the Internet and social networks. Thanks to the built-in cameras, there is the ability to shoot, watch movies, control a smart home, etc.

Externally, glasses seem more massive than ordinary ones. It is not known at this time whether You can use them daily. It should be noted that the brackets of the glasses do not add up.

So far, information on the cost and full characteristics of the device has not been made public.

Earlier, Xiaomi’s chairman, Lei Jun, announced that the MWC 2023 exhibition will feature CyberDog’s work and the humanoid CyberOne.