GoerTek, which manufactures AirPods for Apple Corporation, is looking for ways to transfer production facilities from China to Vietnam. A similar trend, according to GoerTek Deputy Chairman Kazuyoshi Yoshinaga, is observed in many Chinese partner companies of American techno giants.

This is reported by Bloomberg.

GoerTek plans to invest $280 million in hosting facilities in Vietnam. Moving to India is also being considered.

Yoshinaga explained that recently almost 90% of Chinese companies cooperating with the United States have been under pressure from American corporations. We are talking about the transfer of capacities to China. This is due to fears of escalation between the United States and the Middle Kingdom.

Instead, according to the publication, Apple refrains from commenting on the situation around its Chinese partners.

Experts from the Bloomberg Intelligence division believe that it will take about 8 years to export only 10% of Apple’s capacity outside the Middle Kingdom. However, GoerTek denies this, claiming that the company already has factories in Vietnam.

It looks like Apple plans to make Vietnam the center of production for AirPods, iPads and MacBooks. Currently, GoerTek and Luxshare Precision Industry Co., which also built its complex in northern Vietnam, have facilities for AirPods.

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