Elon Musk plans to create a ChatGPT competitor from OpenAI. To this end, he is currently busy recruiting a development team. This is reported by The Information.

Interestingly, Musk used to be one of the investors in OpenAI. However, in 2018, he resigned from the board of directors due to an existing conflict of interest.

The publication notes that, according to Musk, the popular chatbot ChatGPT has too many restrictions. Because of this, he plans to instruct an AI researcher to create a new chatbot that can communicate more freely on teasing topics.

According to The Information journalists, Musk is currently in talks with Igor Babushkin, an American artificial intelligence researcher who recently retired from Alphabet’s DeepMind AI division. He has also previously worked at OpenAI and is a specialist in machine learning models. However, so far the media have not been able to obtain information on the results of the negotiations.

Earlier, Chinese tech giant Baidu announced the completion of testing its own ai-powered chatbot. It was named Ernie Bot and is an analogue of ChatGPT.