A deal to build Tesla’s Gigafactory plant in the northern state capital of Nuevo León, Monterrey, has finally budged. Elon Musk managed to reach an agreement with the governor of the region, according to Engadget.

Musk’s meeting with the governor took place in late 2022. However, then the owner of Tesla failed to obtain permission to build the plant. An obstacle was the acute shortage of water in the region.

This year, following numerous telephone conversations with Mexican President López Obrador, Elon Musk made a concession. As an exception, Tesla has obtained a building permit on the condition that “the water used in the production of electric vehicles will be recycled.”

Elon Musk, in turn, promised significant investments and new jobs in the region.

It is not yet known what exactly the new plant will produce.

Earlier, we reported that it is possible to expect mass production of the Sybertruck electric pump from Tesla only in 2024.