Ford Motor Company has registered an invention with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that provides for the automatic confiscation of cars from loan debtors. We are talking about a new remote technology that will block various equipment or take the car from the owner.

The technology, called “Vehicle Extraction Systems and Methods,” aims to block air conditioning or cruise control on the cars of loan debtor drivers. There may also be unpleasant sounds in the cabin, door locking and the car returning to the bank’s parking lot.

The system is installed on cars with Internet access. If a loan debt occurs, the bank informs the owner with several warnings. They arrive at the display of the multimedia system. In case of non-payment, the withdrawal system comes into force.

Cars with semi-autonomous control will be moved to the tow truck. Cars with autopilot will independently drive to the address specified by the bank.

The technology will receive the function of assessing the cost of a credit car. Taking into account the mileage, accident data and condition, it will direct the car for resale or disposal.

Earlier, Ford Motor, as part of the restructuring, cut 3000 full-time and contract jobs to catch up with Tesla Inc in the race to develop electric vehicles on software control.