TikTok will introduce a feature that will limit teens’ time on social media. After its launch, the time used by TikTok teenagers will automatically be reduced to an hour a day.

The company announced the principles of operation of the function on its website.

Once the set limit comes to an end, the app will require teenagers to enter their password so they can stay on the platform for the next half hour. The password for children under the age of 13 will be entered by their parents or guardians.

If a teenager spends more than 100 minutes a day on TikTok, the platform will prompt him to impose a daily time limit on the use of the device. In addition, the social network will send weekly notifications to teenagers about the total time they use the platform.

In addition, the social network will introduce the Family Pairing parental control function. It will provide parents with the opportunity to control the child’s activity on the platform.

Earlier, we reported that TikTok employees had access to the personal information of media representatives. They could also track their whereabouts.