The Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives voted to pass a law giving President Joe Biden the right to ban the social networkTikTok in the United States. The law proposes to ban not only TikTok, but also several other applications from Chinese companies.

This was reported by Reuters.

The law banning the resource was passed by 24 votes to 16. Republicans voted in favor, Democrats voted against.

For the bill to take effect, it must be passed by the House and Senate and enshrined in the president’s signature. The bill is likely to be voted on by the end of this month, Republican Committee Chairman Michael McCall told the publication.

The decision to ban the social network in the States has already been reacted to on TikTok. In a statement posted on Twitter , the lawwas called hasty and warned of its “negative impact” on the freedom of speech and rights of millions of American TikTok followers .

Earlier, Canadian civil servants were banned from using TikTok on all service devices. This is due to vulnerability to cyberattacks. Also, the requirement to ban the use of the social network TikTok was received by employees of the European Commission.