Apple’s partner, Taiwanese company Foxconn Technology Group, has announced its intention to open parts manufacturing facilities for the iPhone in India. We are talking about the construction of a plant near the airport in Bangalore, the capital of the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

It is planned to invest $700 million in a new production site in India, Bloomberg reports . It is expected that the implementation of the project will open up to 100,000 jobs.

Foxconn is currently in the process of agreeing on project details and sources of investment, the publication notes. The agency notes that it is not yet known for certain whether it is about opening a completely new plant or transferring production facilities from other facilities.

It should be noted that against the background of escalation with the United States, the trend towards the transfer of production is observed in many Chinese partner companies of American techno giants. Earlier, we reported that Apple’s contractor, GoerTek, is looking for ways to move production facilities from China to Vietnam.