In the source code of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), changes were found mentioning the new name. This was announced on his Telegram channel by Android OS expert Mishaal Rahman. According to him, the operating system Android 15 will be called Vanilla Ice Cream (“Vanilla Ice Cream”).

Information about the name of the next version of Android appeared atypically early, the expert notes. According to him, the name Android 14 only became known in April 2022. Version 14 of the OS was called the Upside Down Cake.

It should be noted that Google has to name the numbered versions of Android in honor of desserts. So, Android 12 was named Snow Cone (a dessert of crushed fruit ice with syrup), and Android 13 was named after the Italian dessert Tiramisu.

Currently, “sweet” names for the OS are written as code names in the company’s internal documents.

Earlier, we reported that the “Convert to eSIM” feature appeared in the settings of Android 14 Developer Preview 1.