Chinese automaker Geely is set to launch 72 satellites by 2025. This will be done as part of support for the new line of cars, according to

At the end of last month, Geely, headquartered in Hangzhou, unveiled a line of Galaxy (Yinhe) electric cars. They are controlled using a satellite system.

The satellite assembly plant began to be built in Taizhou back in 2018. Last year, 9 test satellites were launched into orbit.

By 2025, the company plans to launch 72 satellites. They will provide global positioning without blind spots. The satellites will also amplify the signals of the Chinese navigation and positioning system Beidou, an analogue of GPS.

We previously reported that Starlink could be used as an alternative to the global positioning system. This was evidencedby the investigation of a team of scientists from the University of Texas.