Office equipment, in particular printers and scanners, turned out to be a serious problem for the generation of “buzzers”. Those born between 1995 and 2010 complain about the non-intuitive management of typical office equipment.

The edition writes about it The Guardian.

In particular, the publication quotes 25-28-year-olds who complain that office printers seem to them to be exotic ancient artifacts. Also, young people admit that they have to seek advice from senior colleagues when there is a need to print a document or scan it.

Sarah Dexter, an associate professor of pedagogy at the University of Virginia, argues that today’s awareness of technological innovations is a myth. In fact, “buzzers” are known mainly on mobile applications. She is convinced that Apple’s iOS provided an important role in this thanks to repeated patterns in the interface.

Recall that young Americans, the so-called generation of “buzzers”, prefer the iPhone, as the results of the study show.