After the social network Twitter became the property of Elon Musk, Russian propaganda feels very free there. This is stated in the BBC article. The main reason is that there is simply no one to moderate the content.

After taking the helm of Twitter, Musk fired 80% of the company’s 7500 full-time staff. In this way, he decided to reduce her losses.

Current and former employees of the company believe that Musk seriously harmed social networks with his innovations. In particular, over the past few months, hate speech, misogyny, as well as Russian propaganda have flourished on the social network.

One of the former employees of the social network said that he had previously worked in a team that was supposed to track the activity of “agents of influence” of totalitarian states, in particular, China and Russia. Every day they had to rake a huge amount of materials. However, now almost no one is left with the team, and the scale of work has decreased.