Following the members of parliament, the Chinese social network TikTok is being removed from the Ministry of Defense and the office of the Danish Prime Minister. Employees of these departments are prohibited from using TikTok on work phones and other mobile devices that they use on the service.

Information about this was released on the Associated Press.

According to the recommendations of the Danish Intelligence Cyber Security Centre of February 24, 2023, the Danish Ministry of Defense obliged all employees to remove the TikTok application from their devices that they have at work. This step in the defense department is explained by security considerations as well as the fact that this video platform is not necessary for work.

To implement the recommendations of the cybersecurity center the office of the Prime Minister of Denmark also joined. Where, for security reasons, also banned employees from using TikTok on work devices.

Earlier, Canadian civil servants were banned from using TikTok on all service devices. This is due to vulnerability to cyberattacks. Also, the requirement to ban the use of the social network TikTok was received by employees of the European Commission. The US Congress has also endorsed a bill to ban TikTok.