Andrew McHugh, the former head of the augmented and virtual reality group at Samsung, is now chairman of the Wist startup, which allows you to view memories in real time. This is reported by Vice.

The startup will give users the opportunity to record videos on their own smartphones, and then create 3D memories from them with the effect of immersion. You can view them on your phone using a virtual reality headset or thanks to AR.

First, using the app, an iOS user makes a video. The 2D image is then converted to a 3D image. This can be achieved by collecting 3D data from the original video — audio information, depth and color. Once the file is processed, users will be able to view memories. They can also be shared with friends.

Currently, the application only works with the latest version of iOS and two Quest VR headsets. McHugh promises to expand the list of supported gadgets over time.

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