The American robotics company Figure presented a humanoid robot “jack of all trades.” Figure 01’s work has been taught to think and interact with the environment. With a shortage of workers, it can be used as a labor force to perform dangerous tasks.

Startup Figure was founded in 2022. Its first development based on artificial intelligence — the robot Figure 01 is capable of self-learning and improving its own knowledge.

A humanoid robot with a height of 168 cm and a weight of 60 kg is able to move at a speed of 3.6 km / h. The duration of his work will be 5 hours without interruptions. It is equipped with the best, unlike the robot Tesla Optimus, electric drives. Therefore, his gait is smoother, and in the future, according to the chief technical officer of the startup, Jerry Prattom, will not differ at all from the human one.

Figure 01 has 25 levels of freedom. He can bend over, lift a load of up to 20 kg from the floor and move it to the cabinet. Over time, the developers plan to improve the mobility of his hands. So far, the company has introduced five prototypes. From next year, as part of the pilot program, it is planned to launch 50 robots to work in warehouses.

The startup does not stop there. The company plans, in parallel with the use of Figure 01 in production and warehouses, to send them into space for the sake of colonizing other planets.

Recall that the development of Boston Dynamics — a two-legged humanoid robot named Atlas — presented its abilities for “roboparkour”.