The Chinese company Xiaomi has received a patent for lie detection technology that can be integrated into a mobile device.

A device that registers changes in a person’s psychophysiological reactions in response to certain questions is called a polygraph. This is exactly the kind of lie detection technology the Chinese manufacturer intends to use in Xiaomi devices.

In order for this technology to work, you must have a camera with a telephoto lens. With its help, it will be possible to record the face and track the movement of the subjects’ pupils. First, such an angle of shooting is determined, using which the object is constantly in focus. The device will analyze the collected data in order to determine whether the information entered is false or not. The patent states that this technology can be integrated into the “mobile terminal”. This may be a gadget with a suitable camera.

It is currently unknown when this invention will be implemented and whether it will find use in serial smartphones.

Recall that earlier Xiaomi presented augmented reality glasses.