Scientists from the University of Wales (UNIST) have created contact lenses, which are an augmented reality screen. This was reported by the press service of the university.

Usually, the main disadvantage of augmented reality (AR) devices is their large size and inconvenience in use. Therefore, Korean scientists have developed an AR device that has the form of contact lenses. They look like electrochromic displays based on Berlin lapis lazuli. Miniature screens consume little power.

In the prototype of the gadget, the lenses had limitations when displaying words or pictures. Due to the fact that it was difficult to apply microcircuits by galvanization. In the final version of the product, the chips and displays are printed on a 3D printer. A miniature AR screen is able to indicate the desired route to the user thanks to GPS coordinates in real time.

Earlier it became known that the release of the first full-fledged augmented reality glasses was planned by Meta for 2027.