Scientists from the PRC have created artificial intelligence capable of modernizing electronic systems in warships. During testing, the neural network demonstrated the ability to perform in a day what a person needs almost a year.

The publication about this was published in the scientific journal Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, according to the publication South China Morning Post (SCMP).

The neural network was tested to perform 400 different tasks, with which the algorithm coped with almost 100 percent accuracy. During the day, AI performed tasks that an engineer, in the presence of the most modern computer equipment, would have coped with no earlier than 300 days. In addition, human labor is not immune from inevitable mistakes.

The researchers noted that some points in the work of AI should be improved. However, in general, the neural network is capable of performing complex tasks in shipbuilding.

Previously, designer Marcus Brin created gadgets in the style of Antonio Gaudi using the Midjourney AI neural network and the Photoshop editor.