Elon Musk dreams of building his own city, 35 miles from Austin, the capital of Texas. Tesla employees and employees of its companies Boring and SpaceX will live in it. To implement his plan, the billionaire has already purchased thousands of acres of pastures and farmland, according to the WSJ.

The town will be called Snailbrook. She refers to the construction of tunnels when Musk instructed boring workers to create drilling machines that would move “faster than a snail.” It is expected that the cost of rent here will be lower than the market.

To obtain the appropriate status, more than 201 inhabitants must live in the city. This requirement is spelled out in the legislation of Texas. After its execution, an application for registration is submitted, then you must obtain permission from the district judge.

So far, no statements have been received from Musk, according to journalists.

Recall that a few months after the completion of the transaction to acquire Twitter, Elon Musk plans to acquire Sigma Lithium C.