WhatsApp messenger may leave the UK internet space due to the country’s new law on network security. This is due to the service’s inability to apply a moderation policy that weakens end-to-end encryption, Bloomberg reports.

End-to-end encryption is known to protect user correspondence. WhatsApp chairman Will Cathcart said it could not be weakened in specific regions of the world. This will lead to a decrease in the level of security of all users of the service without exception. Instead, in case of refusal to comply with the requirements of the law, the messenger will be fined.

Cathcart stressed that WhatsApp “is easier to leave the country or be blocked on its territory than to obey new requirements.” The statement that the service will “completely leave the country” if it is forced to scan user messages was previously made by the president of the Signal messenger Meredith Whitaker.

Cathcart concluded that the developer “will not reduce the security of WhatsApp”, he never did so even if it was blocked in some countries.