Apple is going to launch a completely updated version of the HomePod smart speaker with a built-in display. This was reported by Chinese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

He notes that the design of the device will be radically changed. The main “trick” will be a display with a diagonal of 7 inches.

The supplier of panels will be Tianma. Also, according to the analyst, in the future, Apple may use Tianma screens in its new iPads.

Most likely, the new HomePod will be unveiled next year.

To recap, the HomePod is a smart speaker developed by Apple to work with the Apple Music subscription service. It was sold until production ceased on March 12, 2021. Since then, the smaller version of the HomePod Mini has remained on sale

Earlier, we reported that Apple’s contractor, GoerTek, is looking for ways to move production facilities from China to Vietnam.