Alphabet, the owner of Google, is currently developing a drone delivery system. It will be able to process millions of orders per year.

The idea is brought to life by Wing Delivery Network. Its CEO, Adam Woodworth, notes that the delivery system will resemble rather not a traditional transport system, but a data network.

The new system is currently being tested in Logan, Australia, where up to 1000 parcels per day are delivered. Also recently, the testing area has expanded to one of the suburbs of Dublin.

So far, there is no additional fee for the exotic delivery method from customers. Whether the service will remain free in the future is still unknown. According to experts, drone delivery is likely to become paid.

It also remains an open question of public reaction to drone noise overhead. Dubliners were not so delighted with him that, after numerous complaints, the company promised to find quieter devices.

Earlier, we reported that Amazon would deliver orders using MK27-2 drones. So far, this will take place in California and Texas. Packages promise to deliver to customers in an hour maximum.