Since the middle of last year, Apple has been running an unprecedented wave of layoffs among executives. Only in July 2022, eleven top managers left the company at once. Most of them served as vice presidents.

This is reported by Bloomberg.

The position of vice president is one of the most important in the hierarchy of the company. The vice president is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the brand. Above him is only a senior vice president reporting directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the agency notes.

In addition, it is noted that most of the top managers who left Apple last year are veterans. After working for the company for about 15 years, they were potential contenders for the position of senior vice presidents. According to the information Bloomberg, previously with Apple quit an average of one or two vice presidents a year.

Agency reporter Mark Gourmet warns, citing sources inside the corporation, that this is just the beginning. In the coming years, Apple may say goodbye to a few more vice presidents.

One of the reasons for staff turnover among the company’s management, according to Gourmet, is financial problems. A drop in shares in 2022 by almost a quarter amid three-year growth was to affect the salaries of the management team.

Recall that the Apple brand has not been able to avoid mass layoffs, but conducts them non-publicly. The company methodically gets rid of freelancers.