On the eve of the premiere of the cartoon “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” based on the cult video game Super Mario Bros appeared real shoes of the beloved hero by many. This was taken care of by the shoe brand Red Wings Shoes, reports the publication The Verge.

Shoes for the hero-plumber are presented in a single copy. Its customer, the Nintendo company, demonstrates boots in his offline store. This original exhibit is wildly popular among fans of the series, who willingly photograph it.

On its website, Red Wings Shoes talks about what materials it used to make shoes. It is noted that “skillfully made of Red Wings leather” boots with a reinforced toe and rounded selection have a “secret” thrust bearing. It is made “of ultramodern materials with the addition of mushrooms.” It is the mushrooms that “give Mario his signature abilities.”

It is not known for certain which mushrooms the manufacturer used. Instead, it is known that amanita is the main mushroom in the Mario world. It is he who gives the main character superpowers.

The shoe brand filmed the whole process of making miracle boots.

The world premiere of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” on large screens will take place on March 23, 2023.

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