The world’s first art gallery featuring paintings created by artificial intelligence (AI) opened at the Dead End Gallery in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Writes about it EBU.

The Dead End Gallery presents digital paintings and interactive installations created by artificial intelligence, or “artists” created by artificial intelligence. For example, the gallery presents the works of “Irisa Novi” — “artist”, which was created by programmers using special software.

The paintings presented at the exhibition can be purchased. Their price ranges from $3 to 10 thousand. At the same time, the owner of the gallery, Constant Brinkman, admits that although each of the paintings is unique, you cannot call them flawless. Yes, many of them have a well-known gang of paintings created by AI — the people depicted have problems with their limbs, they have six fingers each.

Currently, there is a debate in society about whether painted AI paintings can be considered art. A unanimous conclusion has not yet been reached.

Recall that the head of the company Incarnate Games, Jason Allen, took first place in the competition of fine arts in Colorado. He presented a picture created by artificial intelligence Midjourney. This picture won the championship in the nomination “Digital Art”.