An unusual machine for kissing at a distance was invented by a Chinese startup. It transmits data on users’ kisses, according to The Guardian.

The robot collects data using motion sensors that are hidden in moving mechanical lips, reproducing kisses. The strange device was named MUA, after the sound that its people usually make during kisses. A spokesman for Beijing-based quirky device developer Siweifushe clarifies that the device even heats up a little during a kiss to make the experience of pain look like natural.

Externally, MUA is a mobile stand with colorless clenched lips. If lovers download a suitable application to their smartphone that will establish a connection between their kissing machines, it will be enough to kiss the device so that the device of the other couple “returns” the kiss to its owner.

The cost of the invention is $38. The developers admit that the main complaint they received from buyers is a complaint about the gadget’s lack of a tongue.

Recall that the American robotics company Figure presented a humanoid robot – “master of all trades.”