Applé’s business has faced serious challenges due to the large-scale coronavirus outbreak in China. It can lead to interruptions in the production of “apple” gadgets.

This was reported by the Financial Times.

The American tech giant has been grappling for a month now with the chaos that engulfed Applé’s giant main contractor, Foxconn, in Zhengzhou. Due to coronavirus, the production process is disrupted. Workers are massively ill, and because of this, factories across the country suffer from labor shortages.

Apple has now faced a deficit of 5 to 15 million iPhones. It is on the territory of the Middle Kingdom that more than 90% of iPhones are assembled.

Analysts have already estimated that the company’s net profit will fall by more than 8 percent this quarter.

Earlier, an antitrust lawsuit was filed against Apple and Amazon in the United States. Manufacturers are accused of conspiring to inflate the prices of iPhones and iPads.