TikTok employees had access to the personal information of media representatives. They could also track their whereabouts. The company itself has already confirmed this in comments to The Verge and CNN.

Two employees of the company from China and two from the United States were fired as a result of the investigation. It was conducted on behalf of the company by an external law firm. The company acknowledges that its employees have gained access to the personal information of TikTok users who have been employees of the Financial Times and BuzzFeed. As reported on TikTok, the leak concerned the data of two individuals and “several of their contacts.” Personal information contained IP addresses that could indicate the location of users.

The company said that in this way, they say, they checked their own employees, who were suspected of “merging” information to media representatives. The location of the journalists interested them in this aspect — they wanted to know if they were near hypothetical “moles” from the company.

Earlier it became known that the social network TikTok will increase the age limit, banning users under 18 years old from conducting live broadcasts on the platform.