The researchers developed a project for a space settlement made of a nanofiber grid, which will be located on asteroids. This is reported by

Peter Miklavčić, Ph.D. and lead author of the study, of the University of Rochester in New York State, noted that the project was originally a means of “letting off steam” for engineers and physics professionals. Like, it began simply as an attempt to “imagine something crazy.”

A settlement the size of the island of Manhattan (57 square kilometers in area) can be built on an asteroid whose diameter will be at least 300 meters. Co-author of the development, Adam Frank, admitted that the creators were inspired by ideas from science fiction television series.

According to scientists, the development can positively affect the process of studying the solar system — it will not be so expensive. At the same time, the implementation of such a project may take not even decades, but centuries.

Recall, earlier we told that in Switzerland they presented a prototype of spaceX, designed for Mars and the Moon.