The ClearSpace-1 mission is scheduled to launch in 2025. This is a Swiss startup exploring the possibility of eliminating space debris. The goal is to launch a suicide robot into orbit, which will eliminate space debris in the literal sense of the word at the cost of its own existence.

According to current information, there are currently about three thousand failed satellites in orbit, as well as a huge number of debris. All this rubbish interferes with the normal operation of spacecraft.

The robot will be tested on a piece of space debris called Vespa. It was dropped at an altitude of 800 km above Earth in 2013. This fragment is relatively light, it weighs 91 kg. Therefore, the cleaning robot should be easy to cope with.

So far, experts are very restrained in assessing the real possibility that with the help of suicide robots it will be possible to restore order in orbit.

Earlier, we said that more than half a century of exploration of the surface of Mars by robotic missions led to the fact that more than 7000 kg of garbage accumulated on the surface of the planet.