The Bank of England presented the first bills, which depict King Charles III. They should come into circulation from the middle 2024 year.

This was reported by Sky News.

New banknotes are made of polymeric materials. They are in denominations of £ 5, 10, 20 and £ 50. On the front side of the banknotes is a portrait of the king and his cameo in a transparent protective window. There are no other differences from existing banknotes.

Under British law, banknotes depicting the current monarch should replace bills with a portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth II. However, this will happen gradually. Banknotes with a portrait of the queen will simply be removed from circulation as they age and wear out.

A little earlier, 50-pence coins with a portrait of King Charles III were put into circulation. At the same time, coins with a portrait of his mother will remain a valid means of payment.

Earlier, we reported that the creators of the fashion Fallout: London, which is a modification of the famous game Fallout 4, the plot of which is dedicated to the events after the nuclear post-apocalypse, refused to introduce characters into the game, the prototype of which was the late Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III.