European Parliament President Roberta Metzola has sent a letter to new Twitter owner billionaire Elon Musk. He is asked to come to Brussels for a “frank public exchange of views” with representatives of the European Parliament. This is reported by Politico.

The official noted that Twitter has a tremendous role in the democratic life of the European Union. The social network, she said, guarantees the possibility of civil discourse. Therefore, insists Robert Metzola, Twitter should not unwittingly turn into a catalyst for hate speech, election interference and misinformation.

The publication notes that Musk’s chaotic and controversial initiatives are alarming in Europe. We are talking about mass dismissals, arbitrary “amnesty” and new bans of journalists, opaque changes in the rules.

It is not yet clear whether Musk is known for his eccentricity to respond to this “persistent invitation.”

To recap, Elon Musk arranged a poll on social media whether he should resign as chairman of Twitter, and promised that he would stick to the results. Most of the users have answered his yes question